FAST is a pioneer in the field of digital security and surveillance technologies and is revolutionizing the way organizations and governments protect people, property and assets. The core R&D team of FAST comprises the combined experience of over 100 man-years and 300 000 installed video channels in over 15 000 installations worldwide.

FAST has extensive experience in designing, implementing and maintaining large-scale security, public safety and industrial projects. Our innovative solutions protect cities, nations, borders and private concerns from internal and external threats, enabling our customers to manage complex challenges in a cost-effective manner.

The TERRA 4D integrated geospatial command and control center solution provides tools that significantly accelerate response, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs in every phase of the situational management lifecycle.

TERRA 4D provides Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance – ISTAR as well as Physical Security Information Management – PSIM solutions to facilitate incident detection, security and safety related incidents, presenting complex information in a simplified geographical 3D context, thus offering operators superior situational awareness.

With TERRA 4D customers can reduce the risk of human error, improve security response, protect existing security investments and reduce operating costs by converging all your security cameras, sensors, subsystems, data sources and operating procedures into a single unified and structured platform.

System Overview

Layer Model

Multi-screen Airport

Multi-screen Indoor