About Us

Saksham Stratech has been founded by a group of enthusiastic individuals with experience in a wide range of sectors. We aim to provide a fresh and dynamic approach to carve out innovative solutions to create value propositions for companies looking forward to stretch themselves in the new markets. The founder and partners of the company draw their strengths from first-hand experience in Defence, Security and Infrastructure sectors. Our outreach enables our partners to achieve fast time-to-market for innovative and niche technology and services. We are committed to on-going support and forming long-term relationships. Our logo endeavours to captures the essence of our organisation, which is to provide directional services for development and realisation of strategic plans.

Why Us


We draw from our broad experience base to provide a fresh perspective for your business. We are committed to pool our knowledge and work closely with your organization to provide solutions to any piece of the puzzle. We treat our clients as partners and not customers.


No two business partners have the same requirements, so we specialize in being flexible and provide tailor-made solutions for your specific needs. We have various service levels available – with a corresponding rate structure. We can enter your project at any phase and help when and where you need it most. You decide on the assistance and package required and we plug-in to provide the best.

Cost Effectiveness

Engaging us saves you money because you pay only for the work done for the specific needs of a project – without the need for making a permanent investment in staff, space or facilities. All our billable hours are productive leading to more savings. Consider also that if you plug us into a project only when needed, you’ll have a virtual team available year-round, supporting your operations and business, that only affects your budget when you have actual work.